"documenting our world one voice at a time"


Dispatches from Our World

Vox Humana operates with a mission to document the world one voice at a time. This project archives and shares the personal stories of everyday people from all reaches of the planet to foster a sense of world community.

Vox Humana aims to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of assorted communities, cultures, races, and creeds. It exists to show that, no matter how unique a person’s life is on the other side of the globe, he or she has thoughts, hopes, and aspirations with which the reader can intimately relate.

Vox Humana is a publication for and by the people. Instead of employing professional writers and photographers, Vox Humana shares submissions from the person on the street. Vox Humana is interested in the unadulterated perspective of the everyday man, woman, or child living in whatever corner of the planet they call home.

How You Can Contribute

Vox Humana publishes contributions from everyday people. We refer to these contributors as correspondents, and to their contributions as dispatches from the field.

We are seeking stories, photographs, and audio and video clips on what it’s like to live in your unique corner of the world. Your dispatches can cover just about any topic relative to your personal experiences.

Here are some examples of the types of correspondences we seek:

  • What is unique or interesting about your daily life?
  • What is unique or interesting about the traditional clothing of your culture?
  • What are the traditional foods and drinks of your culture?
  • What are the traditional holidays of your region and how do you celebrate them?

We also seek dispatches on important or fascinating people, places, causes, and events of your local or extended community. What great dispatches can you share with us about the highlights of your part of the world? We want to know about it all.

In addition, we seek dispatches about your travel experiences: a trip you are currently on, took recently, or took in the past—even one you took decades ago. We want to read the diaries of your travels, whether done for pleasure, business, humanitarian aid, or adventure. Tell us about the sights, sounds, smells, flavors, colors, scenery, landmarks, and more.

To contribute to Vox Humana, visit our Contribute page.