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Croatian food and houses

Houses in Croatia

By Correspondent Velimir Baksa in Varaždin, Croatia. What to say? What to write about food in Croatia? The easiest way to describe food in Croatia is as regional food. Every region,

Let us talk about Thai Food!

By Rob Mas from Patong in Thailand. I don’t think there are too many people who have not listened about the best ever Thai food. Thai foods are famous being

Russian Honey Cake with 15 layers!

15 layers Russian Honey cake

By Correspondent Maria from Moscow in Russia. Everybody wants to taste some of amazing food available around us. If we talks about food then we can’t forget great Russian food!

New Year All Over the World

NYE fireworks in London

By Correspondent Anna Kandula in Southall, United Kingdom. New Year is one of a few — if not the only one — holidays that is truly international and celebrated all

Dutch December Holidays

By Correspondent Susanne in Amsterdam, Netherlands. December is that special month of the year where many countries celebrate their version of Christmas. People spend more time on creating the perfect

Christmas in Croatia

A street from Croatia on Christmas

By Correspondent Velimir Baksa in Varaždin, Croatia. How is it in Croatia for Christmas? Well, to be honest with you, every year it is different. As I grow older my

A White Christmas Full of Love

This is a picture of Laura's Christmas tree

By Correspondent Laura Zaiceanu in Arad, Romania. Christmas is probably the most known and loved holiday around the world. Like every other celebration we have our own ways and traditions

Ancient Christian customs for Christmas Eve

By Correspondent Radmila Aras in Belgrade, Serbia. Christmas is the biggest Christian holiday which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. According to historical data Christmas is officially celebrated from the

5 living myths in Croatia

By Correspondent Luka Kujundžić Lujan in Split, Croatia. I am Luka and it is time learn some interesting facts, myths and stereotypes about my country Croatia. Croatia has recently become a

Montenegrian Cuisine

By Correspondent Nikola Tvrdisic in Podgorica, Montenegro. If someone asked me what I can offer to tourists in my own country, in addition of standard of accommodation and stay at