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Russia Wants Vichy Ukraine?

By Correspondent Andreiy Voloshyn in Ukraine.  It is popular now to compare Putin to Hitler. The occupation of Crimea is most often compared to how Hitler occupied the Sudetenland of

Ancient Easter Traditions Latvians Still Practice

By Correspondent Kristine Fedotova in Riga, Latvia.  When it comes to Latvians and traditions, there is a lot to talk about. This country in North-Eastern Europe near the Baltic Sea

Croatian food and houses

Houses in Croatia

By Correspondent Velimir Baksa in Varaždin, Croatia. What to say? What to write about food in Croatia? The easiest way to describe food in Croatia is as regional food. Every region,

Being a woman in Romania

Scout girls in Romania

By Georgiana Drauceanu in Arad, Romania. Usually, it is said that any woman is very difficult to analyze. There are entire books written on this subject and still, nothing is

Let us talk about Thai Food!

By Rob Mas from Patong in Thailand. I don’t think there are too many people who have not listened about the best ever Thai food. Thai foods are famous being

Russian Honey Cake with 15 layers!

15 layers Russian Honey cake

By Correspondent Maria from Moscow in Russia. Everybody wants to taste some of amazing food available around us. If we talks about food then we can’t forget great Russian food!

Love story

By Correspondent Maja Nowak from Poland. All of us had our heart broken at least once in our life. I will never forget when mine was broken for the first

Cultural shock and change of perspective

By Malin Andersson in Lisbon, Portugal. Moving from the well structured society of Sweden to Lisbon, Portugal has been eye opening in many aspects. The sun, palm trees and closeness

A Visit to an Amazing ‘Golden Temple’ in Amritsar!

Golden Temple Amritsar

By correspondent James from Moscow in Russia. This is about a unique place called Golden Temple in Amritsar. This place is situated in Punjab state of India. The Golden Temple is

After all these years

Andreea and Cristian

By Correspondent Andreea Buza in Arad, Romania. My story started almost 7 year ago. Everything happened just as if it was a movie. We met, we liked each other but