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Child Education in poorest slum area of Mumbai!

By correspondent Anil from Mumbai in India. Future of any country depends upon their youth. Children and youth are the builder and shaper of a nation. If we want our

Being a Woman in Pakistan!!

By correspondent Shina from Lahore in Pakistan. “Women’s Progress” is main consideration in Western countries. Future of any country depends upon the growth of their citizen. Growth of women is

Arvind Kejriwal: Inspiring Politician in India!

arvind kejriwal Delhi

By correspondent Ravi Sharma from Delhi in India. India is a country where politics is very complex. Politicians are chosen by citizens like any other countries but they hardly complete

Monkey gets his life back after strong electric shock!

By correspondent Chetra Puti from Jakarta in Indonesia. It was the time of summer when this incident happened. A monkey was walking over the roof of our house. Near to



By correspondents Jérémy Saint-Peyre and Joseph Allobbeh in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya (as told to them by Angellera) I am twenty-four, my name is Angellera. I was born in Kibera and

The Magical Turin

Turin Italy

By Correspondent Alina Bucataru in Onesti, Romania. About 4 and a half years ago I decided it would be a good idea to change everything in my life, to have

Haunted House-Once upon a time!

Indian haunted house

By correspondent Lubna Nadia from Patna (Bihar), India Almost 90% out of the strange experiences in our surroundings are real until we do not believe them. My family and I

Orphan Story: “Tika”

By Correspondent Deepak Garg in India Like other orphans I meet during charity work, I met Tika also same way. He caught my attention because of his work. When I

Story of orphan “Kalu”

Kalu - Indian Orphan

By Correspondent Deepak Garg in New Delhi, India I met this orphan during my Sunday charity work. His name was “Kalu”. When I told him that it is his nickname,

Independence Celebration along with “Dependent ones: Orphans”

It was Independence Day and new holiday for me. I missed last Sunday as I had to do attend office. Most importantly, I missed my every Sunday’s charity work also.