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Being a Woman in Pakistan!!

By correspondent Shina from Lahore in Pakistan. “Women’s Progress” is main consideration in Western countries. Future of any country depends upon the growth of their citizen. Growth of women is

Let us talk about Thai Food!

By Rob Mas from Patong in Thailand. I don’t think there are too many people who have not listened about the best ever Thai food. Thai foods are famous being

To be a great woman in today’s world

guest blogger Tanja

By our Guest Blogger Tanja from www.everydayinadress.com  As a woman I was born 27 yeas ago in city called Zenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although, we can only be born

Love story

By Correspondent Maja Nowak from Poland. All of us had our heart broken at least once in our life. I will never forget when mine was broken for the first

Cultural shock and change of perspective

By Malin Andersson in Lisbon, Portugal. Moving from the well structured society of Sweden to Lisbon, Portugal has been eye opening in many aspects. The sun, palm trees and closeness

After all these years

Andreea and Cristian

By Correspondent Andreea Buza in Arad, Romania. My story started almost 7 year ago. Everything happened just as if it was a movie. We met, we liked each other but

A love story from Serbia

By correspondent Aleksandar Krcmar in Belgrade, Serbia. Love often strikes you when you least expect it. I live in Belgrade,Serbia and for most people in my country it is hard

Baba Ramdev: Famous Indian Yog-Guru!!

By correspondent Ramesh from Agra. Baba Ramdev is most famous Indian Yog guru (Yoga teacher). He has been teaching Yoga in India since many years back. He has developed many

All you need is love

Medina and her boyfriend

By Correspondent Medina Džebić in Zavidovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was born year before war started in my country, and that was twenty-one years ago. Small country, named Bosnia and

My Mysterious First Love

Pictures of Denisa and her boyfriend

By Correspondent Denisa Gombos in Zalau, Romania. I believe people fall in love many times during their life. Love is a profound feeling that comes along with the right person.