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How the Maragoli Celebrate Christmas

Elders at the Maragoli Festival

By Correspondent Simbili M. M. in Kenya. The Maragoli are a sub-tribe of the Abaluhya community of the Western province of Kenya. The majority of the Maragolis are found in



By correspondents Jérémy Saint-Peyre and Joseph Allobbeh in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya (as told to them by Angellera) I am twenty-four, my name is Angellera. I was born in Kibera and

Jambo Bwana – Hello Mister

The Mutheu Sisters from Kenya share a local traditional song, welcoming us all to Kenya! “Jambo Bwana” (in Swahili “Hello Mister”) is one of the best internationally-known Kenyan pop songs. It was first released

Queen of the Night – Marketing a Guesthouse in Ethiopia

By Correspondent Emma Corcoran in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia – “Watch out!” I said to the driver, as he edged his way past a fallen tree branch.  He winced, listening to

My Kenyan Honeymoon

By Correspondent Rachel Mwihaki in Malindi, Kenya – We arrived at the airport and checked in. Our flights were scheduled at ten in the morning so boarded our flight to


I came from a very poor family in the western part of Nigeria, as a young child I was so unhappy not knowing the reason I was born into such


By Correspondent Patricia Mueni Musyoka in Nairobi, Kenya –I am twenty one years old a young and proud black woman; born and raised in Kenya. A nation situated, in East

The First Time I saw Paris

Samah Hakim from Morocco

By Correspondent Samah Hakim in Paris, France – To leave my little home in a small village in the south of Morocco and go to France for the first time