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How the Maragoli Celebrate Christmas

Elders at the Maragoli Festival

By Correspondent Simbili M. M. in Kenya. The Maragoli are a sub-tribe of the Abaluhya community of the Western province of Kenya. The majority of the Maragolis are found in



By correspondents Jérémy Saint-Peyre and Joseph Allobbeh in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya (as told to them by Angellera) I am twenty-four, my name is Angellera. I was born in Kibera and

Jambo Bwana – Hello Mister

The Mutheu Sisters from Kenya share a local traditional song, welcoming us all to Kenya! “Jambo Bwana” (in Swahili “Hello Mister”) is one of the best internationally-known Kenyan pop songs. It was first released

My Kenyan Honeymoon

By Correspondent Rachel Mwihaki in Malindi, Kenya – We arrived at the airport and checked in. Our flights were scheduled at ten in the morning so boarded our flight to


By Correspondent Patricia Mueni Musyoka in Nairobi, Kenya –I am twenty one years old a young and proud black woman; born and raised in Kenya. A nation situated, in East