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Being and Nothingness in Bangaluru

Bangalore Hindu temples

By Editor-in-Chief David Lee Cummings in Bangaluru, India. Editor’s note: This dispatch is a follow-up to “First Impressions from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.” I’ve been in Bangaluru for

First Impressions from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris

By Editor-in-Chief David Lee Cummings in Paris, France. I’m on my way to Bangaluru (formerly Bangalore), India, and it’s been an adventurous 15 hours. Currently I write in the Charles

As Human Populations Increase, Elephants Pay the Price

Asian Elephant

By correspondent James Wills in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Once upon a time, large herds of elephants roamed freely throughout Asia’s grasslands and forests. Now there are less than 40,000 Asian elephants

Let us talk about Thai Food!

By Rob Mas from Patong in Thailand. I don’t think there are too many people who have not listened about the best ever Thai food. Thai foods are famous being

A Visit to an Amazing ‘Golden Temple’ in Amritsar!

Golden Temple Amritsar

By correspondent James from Moscow in Russia. This is about a unique place called Golden Temple in Amritsar. This place is situated in Punjab state of India. The Golden Temple is

Baba Ramdev: Famous Indian Yog-Guru!!

By correspondent Ramesh from Agra. Baba Ramdev is most famous Indian Yog guru (Yoga teacher). He has been teaching Yoga in India since many years back. He has developed many

Hindu tradition of Wedding ceremony: Seven promises in a wedding!

By correspondent Sunny from Mumbai in India. India is a country where most of population is comprised of Hindu religious people. Tradition of marriage in this country is very different.

Novitiation ceremony in Myanmar – Shinbyu!

By correspondent Kim Joe from Chin State in Myanmar This is about a Novitiation ceremony in Myanmar country. Novitiation ceremony is generally celebrated in school holidays. Generally April month is

Arvind Kejriwal: Inspiring Politician in India!

arvind kejriwal Delhi

By correspondent Ravi Sharma from Delhi in India. India is a country where politics is very complex. Politicians are chosen by citizens like any other countries but they hardly complete

Nepal Country’s Hindu and Buddhism religion makes it Holy place!

Nepal Temple Image

By correspondent Amrit Lal in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepal is situated in South Asia and a small country. This country is famous for its festivals. It has been considered as Holy