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Dragon Dance: Singapore Celebration!

By correspondent Suey Uioda from Singapore Dragon dance is very popular in Singapore as special event performance. It is being performed in almost each type of events which include sports

Holi Festival in India: Festival of colors and joys!

Holi celebration India

By correspondent Nikita from Goa in India Although not held in December, Holi festival is the most popular festival in India. This festival is not only famous but also most

Indian Punjabi Language: Language of Love and Humor

By Correspondent Rajiv in Delhi, India. India is a country where many regional languages are spoken. Punjabi language is third highest speaking language in India. Not only in India, this

Diwali in India: Hindu’s biggest religious festival!

Hindu Religious festival

By Correspondent Krishan Kumar in Mumbai, India. Diwali is one of most awaited festivals for Indians. India is a place where the Hindu religion is a majority. This festival has

Haunted House-Once upon a time!

Indian haunted house

By correspondent Lubna Nadia from Patna (Bihar), India Almost 90% out of the strange experiences in our surroundings are real until we do not believe them. My family and I

Orphan Story: “Tika”

By Correspondent Deepak Garg in India Like other orphans I meet during charity work, I met Tika also same way. He caught my attention because of his work. When I

Story of orphan “Kalu”

Kalu - Indian Orphan

By Correspondent Deepak Garg in New Delhi, India I met this orphan during my Sunday charity work. His name was “Kalu”. When I told him that it is his nickname,

Independence Celebration along with “Dependent ones: Orphans”

It was Independence Day and new holiday for me. I missed last Sunday as I had to do attend office. Most importantly, I missed my every Sunday’s charity work also.

Indian Independence Day in Bangalore

As 15th August was public holiday, I decided to have a visit to nearby stadium where it was to be celebrated.  The stadium was very well decorated and was looking


Poornima from Sri Lanka

By Correspondent Poornima Sajani Dodangoda in Western Province, Sri Lanka – Sun has arisen for another beautiful yet usual day for many others but me. Beautiful it is for me