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Holy Śmigus-Dyngus! You’ve Never Seen Easter Like This

Śmigus Dyngus

By Correspondent Kasia Steward in England. Easter time in Poland is full of unique traditions, but nothing stands out more for me than the so-called ‘Śmigus-Dyngus’, also known as ‘Wet

Paphos a city bathed in history

By Correspondent Rosie Makri in Paphos, Cyprus. A small island like country of Cyprus has a vast variety of historical places to visit, especially my very own home town of

Top 10 Places to Visit in Romania

A beautiful place in Romania

By Correspondent Georgiana Drauceanu in Arad, Romania. Internationally, Romania is not a very appreciated country because of the way its people are seen and all the bad things that they

Spring traditions in Bulgaria

spring tradition in bulgaria

By Correspondent Vidka in Karlovo, Bulgaria. Spring traditions in Bulgaria are very colorful, full of life, hope and light. In the old times our spring customs and rituals were believed

Ancient Easter Traditions Latvians Still Practice

By Correspondent Kristine Fedotova in Riga, Latvia.  When it comes to Latvians and traditions, there is a lot to talk about. This country in North-Eastern Europe near the Baltic Sea

Croatian food and houses

Houses in Croatia

By Correspondent Velimir Baksa in Varaždin, Croatia. What to say? What to write about food in Croatia? The easiest way to describe food in Croatia is as regional food. Every region,

Being a woman in Romania

Scout girls in Romania

By Georgiana Drauceanu in Arad, Romania. Usually, it is said that any woman is very difficult to analyze. There are entire books written on this subject and still, nothing is

Love story

By Correspondent Maja Nowak from Poland. All of us had our heart broken at least once in our life. I will never forget when mine was broken for the first

Cultural shock and change of perspective

By Malin Andersson in Lisbon, Portugal. Moving from the well structured society of Sweden to Lisbon, Portugal has been eye opening in many aspects. The sun, palm trees and closeness

A love story from Serbia

By correspondent Aleksandar Krcmar in Belgrade, Serbia. Love often strikes you when you least expect it. I live in Belgrade,Serbia and for most people in my country it is hard