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Solar Power Brings Electricity, Light, Computers to Refugees in Burma

Burma Solar Power

By correspondent Reshma from Naypyidaw in Burma.

Burma is one of the Asian countries looking at solar power systems to bring eco-friendly lighting to its vulnerable residents. Solar power can help them by providing a better source of energy at economical rates.

The Branch Foundation of Burma has partnered with the Shan State Development Foundation to install solar power systems in an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) refugee camp of Shan State, Burma. The project is in progress in the Loi Lum IDP camp. This camp is situated in a place in Burma where there is no access to any type of power grid. In the camp are 120 people who have taken refuge from widespread violence in the region of the country.

Refugees are currently surviving in the camp by using kerosene lamps and candles for lighting purposes. These sources of light are very expensive for daily use and pose serious fire hazards.

Burma Refugee Camp KidsThe main motive of the project is to bring eco-friendly solar powered lighting systems to the residents of the Loi Lum IDP camp. Solar powered systems not only reduce the risk of fires in the camp, they also allow the students to study after dark and use computers, laptops, and multimedia gadgets.

This project is also building awareness of renewable energy and sustainability. It can be applied to other facilities, serving the people of Burma with great effectiveness.

Reshma Malik
Reshma is from Naypyidaw in Burma. She works in a bank and is generally keen to know about happenings nearby.

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