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5 living myths in Croatia


By Correspondent Luka Kujundžić Lujan in Split, Croatia.

I am Luka and it is time learn some interesting facts, myths and stereotypes about my country Croatia.

Croatia has recently become a member of big European families. Honestly I think that most people in Europe (but not in the rest of world) know about Croatia. We have nice beaches and loud parties and we are quite strong in few sports like football or… well I can’t remember anything else that others could know about us, so it is right time to introduce you with some weird facts and stereotypes that we Croats consider to be “normal”.

1) Most beautiful. That is often what we think about ourself. Few examples; my city Split is considered in the eyes of its citizens to be “the most beautiful city in the world”. We are so much proud of it. And we think that other people think same. But then we find that other people also have theirs “most beautiful cities in the world” so we are now shocked that our city is only most beautiful city in our city. Although I myself live in ugly industrial part of the city with lot of unfinished infrastructural projects, I was taught since childhood that Split is most beautiful city in the world. And my other fellow countryman were taught for their cities too! And we all together live in most beautiful land in world with most beautiful coast in the world. We also have most beautiful girls in the world. Even our national anthem of Croatia is “Lijepa naša domovino” – Our Beautiful Homeland.

2) Rakija is a traditional alcoholic beverage in the Croatia produced by distillation of fermented fruit. Rakija for Croats (and other people in Balkans) is something like Vodka in Russia. But here is much more. In every average Croatian household you will find bottle of Rakija. Are we drinking too much? Well we drink by an average but we use Rakija for other things. Besides using Rakija on weddings, mayor holidays or birth of new Croat and other happy events, Rakija has some magical and medical properties according to us. We use it to cure as from various diseases. When you have fever we use Rakija to reduce your body temperature. Although modern medicine tells us that it has no special effect still we use it. And Rakija is most popular household cleaning tool. When you clean your home you will use Rakija before anything else. Currently I am writing on my laptop computer recently cleaned by Rakija.

3) Coffee bars are most popular location in Croatia and nobody outside Croatia doesn’t know why. For us it is a religious ritual drink coffee in coffee bar. Every day. Especially in mid of day so you can be seen by others. Often foreign tourists or politicians when visit our country and walk through some Croatian city, first thing that they notice are that coffee bars are full. All day long, all year long. So they think that nobody is working here! Actually it is partly true because we have so high unemployment rate. That could partly explain a lot of things.

4) Sport. We are most successful in sport. “That small nation and so much sport success” we like to tell it our self.
Start a conversation with average Croat and he has master’s degree in sport and politics although he is neither sportsman nor politician. Although recent research shows that we are an average in sports, still we think that we are most successful.

5) Smartest people on Earth. Beside we are most beautiful, strongest and most everything else, now we are smartest people on this planet. We have best engineers although most of our industry and engineering company have gone. We have the smartest students but they all leave Croatia. We had most genius man walked on earth named Nikola Tesla but he was Serbian.

So if you ever visit Croatia (actually still it is one of most beautiful places in Europe) just consider those “facts” to be truth and you are mostly welcome.

Luka Kujundžić Lujan
Luka is from beautiful Split, Croatia and he works as a freelancer.

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