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A White Christmas Full of Love

This is a picture of Laura's Christmas tree

By Correspondent Laura Zaiceanu in Arad, Romania.

Christmas is probably the most known and loved holiday around the world. Like every other celebration we have our own ways and traditions to celebrate it that reminds us of where we belong.

In my family we have our characteristic tradition for Christmas. We decorate our houses with lights and garlands and on the small trees from de garden we put tinsel and other things. We do all these things together as a family because it is important and this habit brings us closer.

About the inside of the house we have the Christmas tree in the living room and we dress it with all kind of ornaments like globes, stars, garlands, angels, ribbons, lights. But the most meaningful are the ones made by me when I was little for example the garland I made out of crepe paper when I was six years old or the globes with the funny models painted by me and my mother. This sort of accessories brings us beaming memories of the old times we shared together. Around the tree we gather all sorts of gifts every day until magical day of Christmas when we divide and open the presents.

My mother then refuges in the kitchen where with a little help from her elf which is me makes her classic recipes like forcemeat rolls in cabbage leaves that are specific to our country, her famous boeuf salad, cakes and at last the special recipe that changes every year. Last year I remember she made stuffed eggs with emoticons on them. Meanwhile my father is outside cleaning the snow around the house even if the naughty snow flakes keep covering the trail. After all the preparations are made it is time to welcome the guests and enjoy the carols of the little kids which after are rewarded with candies and cookies.

I am lucky to say that I have a family that is united, full of love and peace. Even if we all have responsibilities and activities that sometimes are not really bringing us together celebrations like this are the one that remind us that we are blessed and we should be thankful for our family every day.

Merry Christmas!

Laura Zaiceanu Laura Zaiceanu
My name is Zaiceanu Laura and I'm 18 years old. I live in the beautigul Romania which people probably know for the famous character Dracula. About the school I attend, it is called Vasile Goldis and this is my senior year. I guide my life after the idea that you should always keep your head up and smile to the future and another idea is fight for what you want while you are young because you have greater powers and spend the rest of your life as a vacation.

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