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Montenegrian Cuisine


By Correspondent Nikola Tvrdisic in Podgorica, Montenegro.

If someone asked me what I can offer to tourists in my own country, in addition of standard of accommodation and stay at the beautiful mountains or visit to the fascinating canyons, I would certainly have noted the unique and specific cuisine, which is that is current and available regardless of the season when he/she wants to visit my country.

Often, when we get to know a new country, the people, the culture, and we start from the question of what is the national cuisine and with what pleasant to us to this new civilization may surprise. Montenegro is such a culture, hidden, like a pearl in the heart of Europe, ready to surprise, to make you surrender all your senses on their national holiday table offering things that you first see, as well as those who have previously seen, but now in the new arrangement. To Montenegrins there is one thing you can never blame – they are excellent hosts. Here, they are waiting you with open door , the best place at the table, and the best they can offer you from their home… The biggest jewel of Montenegrin cuisine are Montenegrins. They are excellent hosts and on their holiday table you will find all that you can imagine. The best thing that can happen to you in culinary terms is that you are a guest in Montenegro. It is a destination for true hedonists, gourmands and connoisseurs, so turn off “calorimeter ” and enjoy.

Traditional Montenegrin dishes

Kačamak – Pulpy, strong dish that is prepared from wheat, buckwheat, barley or maize flour and served with cheese and sour milk. “Smočani” kačamak is called one to which is added the cheese or cream and that is mixed long time with a special wooden spoon. Taste is in this case is even better, and people in rural areas prefer it because it gives them the energy they consume in somewhat more difficult work. It is on the menu in each of the national restaurants in Montenegro. Kačamak od krompira is perhaps the most interesting variety of this dish.

Cicvara – With this dish are usually served boiled white potatoes and sour milk. Cottage cheese or cream is mixed with the flour until it releases fat. It is a high-energy food, with a pleasant taste – it literally melts in your mouth.

Popara – Mixing pieces of bread with milk, oil and cheese makes interesting and cheap food deeply rooted in the Montenegrin food.

Supe – Soups in Montenegro are prepared mainly with noodles, potatoes or vegetables. Particularly interesting is the soup of nettles, and almost none of them is made without cooked fresh meat, which makes them extremely nutritious and rich.

Raštan – Very tasty dish of local vegetables from the cabbage family, cooked with white potatoes and plenty of spices.

Japraci – Extremely rich and noutrishing meal. In one kilogram of raštan and a pound of beef are added rice, pepper, and even dry meat. Cooking fat is released and the food gets better taste.

Sarma, stuffed peppers, đuveč, pilaf, etc. are just some of the dishes,which in addition to Montenegro, characterize the area of other Balkan countries. Each of these dishes carries a small but significant part and Montenegro in themselves, so I strongly recommend them during your stay in Montenegro.

Montenegrin lamb in milk – A real treat. Of about 2 kg of meat that cooks in domestic milk,with added spices and potatoes the dish can be served for eight people, and, especially in northern areas, this dish is prepared during holidays.

Kobasica – prepared by drying, usually on Njeguši, special technique. It is very tasty and strong.

Pršut – the most famous ham, Njeguški, leading quality in relation to the Italian producers. It is the meat of which is night and day cares, until it dries exclusively on beech tree for several months. With it is served homemade, usually brandy and Njeguški dried cheese.

And not to forget wine and top class Vranac – vintage red wine,with intense ruby red color with purple hues. The taste is full, distinctive and slightly tannin. Temperamental wine southern type, with a high content of extract and alcohol. Harmonious. Authentic Montenegrin variety for centuries has harbored in Crmnica, an area that stretches from Lake Skadar, the Adriatic Sea, at an altitude of 500 meters.

Nikola Tvrdisic
Nikola Tvrdisic is from Podgorica, Montenegro.

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