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Russian Honey Cake with 15 layers!

15 layers Russian Honey cake

By Correspondent Maria from Moscow in Russia.

Everybody wants to taste some of amazing food available around us. If we talks about food then we can’t forget great Russian food!
Many unique and delicious recipes are found in Russia.

“15 Layer Russian Honey Cake”, is one of the best and yummiest cakes we have got all over the world.

For a person who is looking to have a good cake, this is best taste. It is quite different from other cakes and very easy to prepare. In this Honey cake, there are 15 thin layers of around 1-2mm. This cake is in round shape which is fully coated with cream.

These layers of cakes are fully coated and filled with sour cream and sugar. This cake is filled with cream and sugar until it becomes thicker in shape. For variation in taste, gelatin is also used in soured cream to have a different taste. If you don’t like walnuts then you can remove it.

In Russian restaurants you can have this special type of cake. Its appearance is very different from all other cakes due to its 15 thin layers coating with creams.

Honey and cream is so well mixed in it that you will feel yourself in different world while eating it.

The people who plan their visit to Russia, they surely try to get a taste of this amazing cake. Moreover, it is said that if you did not eat this cake then you did not visit Russia.

Maria Gheh
Maria Gheh is a Russian lady who is owner of a shop. She lives in Moscow and sells beauty products.

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