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Arvind Kejriwal: Inspiring Politician in India!

arvind kejriwal Delhi

By correspondent Ravi Sharma from Delhi in India.

India is a country where politics is very complex. Politicians are chosen by citizens like any other countries but they hardly complete those big promises which they make during election time. Most of Politicians take it as opportunity to get power and money.

That is one of reason why Indian politics is sometimes criticized as corrupt.

There was a social activist who asked Indian govt. to introduce a system through which they can easily catch corrupt people. But govt. did not agree to introduce it without giving a justified logic.

This resulted in anger among citizens of India. Arvind Kejriwal along with other members started a movement in which common citizens participated asking government to introduce proposed system.

One of spokesman from Indian govt. challenged this social activist saying “If you have so many worries to change this system then create your own political party and form your own government. Everybody is free to fight elections in India.”
This was really difficult situation for this social activist as he was never in position to win elections. But he saw that there is no other way to make a better system.

Finally, he himself decided to convert this movement into political party. He decided to fight election in Delhi and form his own government. The members of this party were “Common citizens” and it was really different kind of politics where “Common citizens” were getting way to enter in politics.

This was called “Party of Common Citizens” and it really converted into big story. Most Citizens of Delhi loved their vision. Finally, this party won and formed government in Delhi.

Within 7 days of his governance, he made big announcements to give immediate relief to citizens. His work was highly appreciated as he performed same task within 7 days which previous government could not perform even in 4 years.
He is creating new inspiration in each new day of his politics.

He has become inspiration for many Indians as he has done big changes within so less time. He has accepted a big challenge and showed true spirit for country.
This journey from social activist to chief minister took just 1 year and whole India has got fan of this politician.

Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma is resident of Delhi who works in a real estate company. He has deep interest in social activities and charity.

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