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Hindu tradition of Wedding ceremony: Seven promises in a wedding!


By correspondent Sunny from Mumbai in India.

India is a country where most of population is comprised of Hindu religious people. Tradition of marriage in this country is very different. Generally, Marriage takes place in night at bride’s native city. Bride dresses herself in sari which is generally of red color for this event.

Bridegroom also dresses himself in coat-pant or traditional Shervani. Family of bride organizes a bigger event where all guests are invited along with arrangements of various Indian foods.

During event, couples are invited at main stage. Garland of flowers are handed over to marring couples. They offer it to each other. Then, they are invited to a special stage called pheras which is traditional chanting method of Hindus.

This time, bride and bridegroom together makes steps around it. They take seven steps and each step consists of one promise.

In their first step, they promise to forever respect each other.
In Second step, they promise to be together in every sadness and joys.
In their Third step, they promise to trust each other and be loyal always.
In their Fourth step, they promise to sacrifice themselves for each other’s happiness.
In their Fifth step, they promise each other to love for families and purity.
Sixth step promise is to always follow religion.
In Seventh promise, they promise to always respect each other friendship and give unconditional love.

We can say that marriage in Hindu religion is completely different especially because of their tradition and dressings.

Sunny is a student from Mumbai in India. He is studying an MBA from an institute in Mumbai.

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