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Dragon Dance: Singapore Celebration!


By correspondent Suey Uioda from Singapore

Dragon dance is very popular in Singapore as special event performance. It is being performed in almost each type of events which include sports event to night parties. It consists of one head person who controls the movements of dragon head. Its head portion creates an amazing movement behind any object. Apart from Dragon head, it also consists of other many performers along its length who complete this dragon as single one. These performers create amazing movements by jumping and moves.

Dragon Dance is very popular in Singapore. This dance is performed in top-class events where dance is performed under lighting effects. Lightings effect along with dragon’s amazing movements create a real entertaining event. People get amazed to see such a wonderful performance where dragon movements are also as amazing as lighting effects.

In sports events also, this dance performance is part of amazing entertainment before start of any game. This dragon dance involves very fast movements of performers and needs a high skill to perform it. Dragon tail is also one of engaging part of dance which is quite nicely managed by dance group.

This dragon dance is being performed in almost many opening ceremonies in Singapore and makes it as key attractions. Earlier, this dance used to be limited up to religious festivals only. But this dance has become very famous ever since lighting effect came into role.

This form of dance is new to Singapore but it has got sudden popularity.

Suey Uioda
Suey Uioda is a lady from Singapore who is active in real estate business in India. She generally likes to communicate with people from other countries as habbit. She is working as real agent assistant in Singapore.

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