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Holi Festival in India: Festival of colors and joys!

Holi celebration India

By correspondent Nikita from Goa in India

Although not held in December, Holi festival is the most popular festival in India. This festival is not only famous but also most recognized in India. People from around the world try to visit in India in March month to enjoy this festival in India. This festival is based on religious belief of Hindu community in India. They believe that it is being celebrated as message of goodness victory over sins. So, this festival has emerged as good message to future generations in India.

The interesting part of this festival is that all Indian people celebrate it with great joys. Generally, complete India gets a holiday on this day. People celebrate it with colors and water. They color each other face and throw water over each other and it creates an amazing fun. Generally, summer starts after month of March and people love to play in water and colors.

Most of the houses of young people and newly married people hold party at their home and invite friends. They put some music and enjoy this festival. This seems an amazing and colorful scene when such kind of celebration is being done in almost every home. Generally, they celebrate it at their roof of home.

Every aged person involve in this celebration. Many people from other countries also try to organize their trip to India during this festival occasion.

This is only festival in India in which so much fun is being done along with religious faith.

Nikita is from the Indian city of Goa and she studies there. She is a student of management. She likes to explore new things and enjoys travelling.

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