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Mazatlan, I love you


By Correspondent Lizeth in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

– Mazatlan is my home town; it is in the North Pacific Coast of Mexico and has a population of 300 thousand. I have lived here since I born, and I love it. My city is famous around the world for many things, one of these are the beautiful beaches that we have. It’s lovely to be in the sand and look the sunset, or just take a swim in the beach.

My favorite place is the lighthouse, is the highest in the world, and reach the top isn’t easy, but when you look the horizon and contemplate the biggest city and feel you as little as a grain of sand in the beach, you forget all the fatigue.

mazatlanfromthelighthouseWhen I was a child, my father took me to the beach each weekend, now; it’s my daughter’s turn. She love to built castles and make a sand pool.

The life here is a little difficult because, we don’t have many job opportunities, we survive from the tourism and in this time we didn’t receive a lot. Most of the people work in restaurants, hotels or other touristic services and without tourism, they don’t have work. In addition, the violence in my country is reaching dangerous levels and people don’t go to vacations.

People of my age, frequently just go out on Saturday nights to the sidewalk, the “malecon” to drink some beer and listen music, or go the bars and discos to dance. Other like I prefer to go to movies or just to drink a coffee, or to eat sushi for dinner.

My city is very different now, there are many cars and the traffic is getting frustrating, I would like to be as quiet as before when you could walk around the downtown and visit the markets and the popular stores.

atardecer_mazatlanI miss the Mazatlan from when I was a child but I accept that the city is growing as I am doing, but I would like people to think as I and try to take care of this city, try to rescue all the antique buildings in old Mazatlan, and take care of the local animals, like the turtles who arrive to lay eggs in the beaches or the ducks who visit the lagoons each year from Canada. I think we can make different things to preserve the natural beauty of my city, because I would like my daughter love my Mazatlan, as much as I.

Lizeth Lizeth
My name is Lizeth, I am 27 years old. Actually I'm a single mother with a 3 years old daughter. Although I have a BA in business, I have a work as an English teacher in a public preschool. I teach English to 5 or 6 years old children. My daughter and I live with my parents and my 19 years old brother.

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