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Story of orphan “Kalu”

Kalu - Indian Orphan

By Correspondent Deepak Garg in New Delhi, India

I met this orphan during my Sunday charity work. His name was “Kalu”. When I told him that it is his nickname, he told me that he do not know his real full name. I was surprised to know when he told me that he has never seen his mother. He told that his mother died at age of 5 years old. He had no father and his mother was only bread winner for his home.

He was forced to beg by the situations as he was complete alone. No relative took his responsibility. He mentioned that he had been begging since when he opened his eyes and got senses. This child also told that he has been very hard with this situation. People kick him when he asks them for food and requests them for little more.

Government has done no supportive activity for them. He has visited many cities in the hope of a place where he could find kind people. The problem is that nobody seems to care them and have got so cold. This orphan keeps on changing his residential places in hope of better place but finds it too difficult.

The most embarrassing moment was then when he revealed impact of a child policy by government. He told me that govt. has banned contractors to give job to a child who is lesser than 14 years old. On the same hand, he too did not get any job and struggling in life. He told that he wanted to work instead of begging but it is his bad luck. There is no other option left for him except begging.

Deepak Garg Deepak Garg
Deepak Garg lives in New Delhi, India and as well as working in an office, he spends time doing charity work when he can, donating both time and money to the cause.

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