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A story hidden in the Romanian mountains


By Correspondent Cristian Pascalau in Arad, Romania

My grandfather’s parents lived on a hill, in a village far from civilization. They had to sacrifice a day in order to go down in town to sell the milk and the cheese that they made in their home, in order to make some money to buy different things they needed. Once, they went in the town’s market and accidentally heard a story from one of the men from a village in the neighborhood. At that time, (mid nineties) they still wear the popular costume from that specific area. In our days, people wear it just for special occasions such holidays or, in some areas, to weddings.

A neighbor of his told him that suddenly, after two years of peace since the last attack, one sheep went missing . He doesn’t mind that fact because, as living in a mountainous area, wild animals occur and disturbed, once in a while, the peace that surround that beautiful place. In the next morning, he observes that another sheep went missing. That started raising questions. In the next evening he took a for k and hid in the stable, in order to catch the beast that was trying to destroy his peaceful and prosper life. After midnight, the beast appeared. The man said that he never saw a wolf that big. He froze. He saw the beast’s grey fur, it’s yellow eyes and it’s massive teeth stuck deep in a lamb’s throat. With his breath held, he get through that rough night alive.

After he told his wife what he saw in the stable, she went to her best friend, one of her neighbors to alarm her to be careful. After she heard the story, she said she had a secret that she kept for a while. She said that, one day she was with her husband on their field to mow some grass to store it for winter, as food for animals. She said that after they have eaten for launch, he went in the woods to ease himself. After a short while, she said that a big, grey wolf appeared and attacked her. She said she feel that the wolf’s intention was not to kill her, but to warn her, to scare her. He tore apart a piece of her popular costume named “zadie” that is made of wool. Her husband found her shivering and scared, hidden behind the haystack. She told him what happened and he said that it will be fine, that he will protect her and he got closer to her and when he smiled, she saw pieces of wool between his teeth. She didn’t know what to do and, in the end, she did nothing. She tried to act like nothing happened and moved on, with her heart full of fear and her eyes full of hate.

After she went home and told her husband that the yellow-eyed wolf is his neighbor, he gathered some men from the village, armed with forks and axes and they all went to that man’s house and they banished him from the village.

This is one of many stories that my grandfather told me. He said that those mountains kept hidden thousands and thousands of facts turned into stories and now, we turn them into legends and myths with and about our ancestors.

Cristian Pascalau Cristian Pascalau
My name is Cristian I'm from Arad, Romania. I work as a freelancer in my spare time, I have a degree in psychology and I love travelling.

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