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After all these years

Andreea and Cristian

By Correspondent Andreea Buza in Arad, Romania.

My story started almost 7 year ago. Everything happened just as if it was a movie. We met, we liked each other but there were a few major facts which kept us from getting into a relationship. One of those facts was age. He is 5 years older than me. However, time passed and we became best friends, then we stopped talking to each other, then again best friends and so on until around 3 years ago.

It was the New Years Eve. I was at a friend’s house, as he threw a party and he came over. We haven’t been talking for around 1 year or so then. At midnight he kissed me, even though I didn’t want him to. We started talking again and became great friends. At some point I obviously fell in love with him. Aaand he liked me too.

Not having seen any sign that he’d get into a relationship with me, I got into a relationship with another guy. It didn’t last more than 2 weeks. Later I found out that me getting in that relationship really hurt him. But maybe it was for the best, because 6 months later we finally got into a relationship.

It’s funny how things settled down for us, I mean, after all these years.. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be earlier, maybe this was the right time to be together. Time again passed, but this time faster, because I was.. I am.. falling deeper and deeper in love with him.

I’ve always said that you can’t measure the love one has for someone else. It either exists or not. Somehow, I’m changing my opinion because I feel this love more and more and even though we have our problems and fights we always solve them. Someone wise said that a relationship without fights is not a sane relationship.

Our anniversary is on the 19th of October. This month on the 19th we will have been together for a year and 5 months. This is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in and honestly I hope this is the last. It would be really hard for me to picture my everyday life without him, not because of the routine but because I am so attached to him and I love him so much. Just as the lyrics of Alicia Keys’ song, ‘How am I supposed to breath with no air?’


Andreea Buza Andreea Buza
My name is Andreea and I'm from Romania. I work as a freelance writer and also a freelance make-up artist. Coming from a poor country, I'm hoping to be able to go to college abroad but my only options are Denmark and Holland, as these are the most affordable ones.. but who knows what future brings us?

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