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All you need is love

Medina and her boyfriend

By Correspondent Medina Džebić in Zavidovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I was born year before war started in my country, and that was twenty-one years ago. Small country, named Bosnia and Herzegovina, placed in Central Europe, may be unknown to most of you. For those who have heard of her, I bet you know it through history, because one of the biggest and saddest wars in history of mankind was right here in my country, and right year after I was born. Thank God, my parents survived that war, along with me and my sister.

Now, you’re probably thinking : “OK, we are not interested in hearing another sad story about war..”, and I agree. But, I decided to share these facts with you because that history is really affecting our present. So, as I said, my country suffered terrible war, and now, twenty years after, we are still in the recovery process. Nowadays, I live in a country where unemployment reaches almost fifty percent, in a country where we have three presidents because we can’t unite, in a country where young people have no perspective or future. So, you might think : how do we live, what keeps us alive? Well, it’s not all so bad. There is one special thing about my country : it is the only country in the world that has a shape of heart! And because of that, we like to think that it’s all about LOVE, and it’s LOVE that gives us strength to survive!

My love story begins two years ago, at my college. I’m studying electrical engineering, and I’m in my last semester. My boyfriend finished the same college last year. The story goes like this….

One day, I came to college, just as I do every other day. I didn’t even think that few seconds on a hallway could change my life, but that’s what happened. I saw him, looking all tall and handsome, and I knew… we always know, right? We met, we fell in love, and we officially started going out on March 13th , 2012. And, here we are, two years from then we are still in love. At the moment, I’m just thinking how thankful I am for having him in my life! I love that I can look at his beautiful blue eyes, and see the future father of my children, my future husband and a man with whom I want to grow old. My boyfriend is my best friend, my shelter, my strength, my hope and my biggest support ! Isn’t that something we are all searching for in our partners?
And, that’s my story….

You might say now : “ There is nothing special about your love story”..but you’re wrong ! My love story might be short, but my love is huge, and that’s what counts! And, I know you were probably expecting a sad love story, but isn’t it nice to hear, even for once, a beautiful story?

I’ve already met you with the situation in my country. Trust me, it’s not easy to go to college, and still have no hope for tomorrow. To make things worse, I had to leave my parents and my whole family behind, just to go to college. My parents invested everything they had in my education. I was all alone, far away from all the people I love, until I met him.
He awakened hope inside of me, gave me reason to wake up every day, to work hard and to be optimistic. Can you see the “size of our love” now?

I like to believe that, it’s a special gift of being right for each other, finding the right person, falling in love and never giving up on her! And I’m thankful that I was given this chance to love, to be loved and to experience this kind of love, which I believe, happens only once in our lifetime.
I’m gonna finish my story with a beautiful quote, that I think should guide all of us through life :

“ All you need is love, love is all you need…” – The Beatles

Medina Džebić Medina Džebić
Medina is from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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