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Baba Ramdev: Famous Indian Yog-Guru!!


By correspondent Ramesh from Agra.

Baba Ramdev is most famous Indian Yog guru (Yoga teacher). He has been teaching Yoga in India since many years back. He has developed many unique Yoga methods through which he claim to give solution of each type of disease.

People in India have responded him very well since his Yoga methods are really productive and helpful.

He has been developing some special herbal medicines which can be used without guidance from doctors. These medicines can help in serious problems like cancer, etc. Baba Ramdev do not have any special academic qualification. Infect, he is just a saint in India but he has got really high respect.

The most important part is that he has been recognized very well by most of Indians. His method of treatment about these serious diseases is completely traditional and he does not use any special technique to treat them. Still his methods are proved useful for 70 % of the Indians and people respect this Yog Guru very much.

He has really changed the status and recognition of Yoga in India. Now, almost every person in India know about Yoga and him.

Not only India, Baba Ramdev is getting famous worldwide also. There is no doubt that India has provided worldwide exposure of Yoga and it has appreciated all over. But Baba Ramdev has become the alternative name of Yoga and very famous in India.


Ramesh from Agra in India is a Yoga teacher in India. He likes to perform Yoga and know more about it.

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