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Being a Woman in Pakistan!!


By correspondent Shina from Lahore in Pakistan.

“Women’s Progress” is main consideration in Western countries. Future of any country depends upon the growth of their citizen. Growth of women is also main focus for any nation in the development of their countries.

But situation is very different in Lahore City of Pakistan. Women are not allowed to have equal opportunities and education.
Most of the girls are not going to schools. They also want to go for higher education and serves in public sectors after getting job. Their efforts are not getting paid now.

There are many things which are need to be done for the development of women, because there are still many girls and women who are uneducated, unemployed, poor and unhealthy. They don’t get treatment on time when they are sick.

It is very important to give significance role in the development of women. There has been one group of women who have studied engineering over here. These women have done some innovative research and everyone is amazed of their talent.

After getting inspiration from them, more girls are being sent to school. But many people are of strong mindset who thinks that girls should never be sent to school. Generally, this person is key decision makers of the family. It indicates a sad situation and major concern as far growth of women is concerned.

There is a hope that someday all girls can go to school and study.

Shina Khan
Shina is a teacher in Lahore. She likes to study novels and culture of various countries. She is mother of 2 children.

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