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Cultural shock and change of perspective


By Malin Andersson in Lisbon, Portugal.

Moving from the well structured society of Sweden to Lisbon, Portugal has been eye opening in many aspects. The sun, palm trees and closeness to the beaches sound very tempting, but earning less than students receive from the state in Sweden is not as impressive.

Ending up at a dead end job I felt all my dreams being shattered and I was left wondering why it was so damn hard for me to succeed and find the job of my dreams. Shortly a realization came to me, I had no clue of what success really was to me nor was I able to visualize the job of my dreams.

Through this realization I learned an important thing about myself, I would not be truly happy if I did not pursue the things I wanted to spend my life doing and working with. I also learned that just because other people was totally fine working at what to me was a dead end job did not mean that I had to be. So, do not settle for a job just because it gives you an income, but settle for a job which is worth your while and helps you achieve your goals.

Money is not part of my main goal anymore in Lisbon you learn to survive on less. Firstly because you have to and secondly because it actually feels pretty great. Your material needs vanishes and your savings increases even though you earn almost nothing compared to your old standards.

Today I am working towards earning just enough money enabling myself doing what I love fulltime. I meet setbacks and points where I feel like giving up, thoughts telling me I am not able to work with exactly what I want, that work is not supposed to be fun but this time around I will prove myself wrong.

Thanks to Lisbon I have created my own goal and it involves putting my personal happiness and wellbeing in the center of my attention. Through doing this I have enabled myself to live the life I want and have the kind of career I want so can you.

Malin Andersson
I am a Swedish 26 year old girl/woman living in Lisbon, Portugal - trying to make a living through writing and creating. I believe that challenges are part of the way to enabling yourself to work with what you really love.

The hardest part is to keep on believing and not loosing track of your goal in the distance.

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