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Culture of Finland


By Aleksander Rozkrut in Vaaksy, Finland.

Finns love to think of themselves as one of the most modern nations in the world and that’s what they are. They are usually very liberal and open-minded, very willing to help the rest of the world achieve their level of living. Although not a Germanic nation, People of Finland like comparing themselves to other Scandinavian countries (particularly Sweden), one can see that it’s more common than putting Finland in statistics together with, for example, other EU countries.

Critisized by Silvio Berlusconi, the Finnish cuisine is actually very delicious. Things like Karelian pastries or all the delicious reindeer dishes are maybe unknown to outsiders, but people here love them. On the other hand, Finns also tend to eat more and more fast food, therefore even small towns may have a few places for a hungry person to visit.

There are not many commonly accepted rules about clothing, but naturally Finland follows Western trends and fashion. At the same time, many have enough courage to show the world what they like (for example a music genre) and dress accordingly.

As for the religion, Finland is officially Lutheran, although the number of religious people is a lot smaller than one could think. Liberal Finns choose to be irreligious or atheistic. On the other hand, many smaller religious groups and communities are present here.

The language has the reputation of being the second most difficult one in the world (after Chinese). The truth is quite the opposite, once understood, the Finnish language is really easy to learn and a lot of immigrants can speak it. Although the language itself is not prepared for the presence of exotic, foreign words, parents like giving their children quite ”unique” names, mainly of non-Finnish origin (one child’s parents even wanted to name it ”Gandalf”).

A lot can be said about Finland and even more can be seen once one comes here. With a long history full of influences from different countries, this land is a mix of East, West, South and North. You really need to come here to understand what I mean.

Aleksander Rozkrut Aleksander Rozkrut
I was born in Poland and lived there for eighteen years. Now, having lived in Finland for almost four, I have gained much international experience and I want to use it to develop my writing skills and get even more creative.

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