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Diwali in India: Hindu’s biggest religious festival!

Hindu Religious festival

By Correspondent Krishan Kumar in Mumbai, India.

Diwali is one of most awaited festivals for Indians. India is a place where the Hindu religion is a majority. This festival has religious belief as its background and is considered as the victory of truth over sins. In India, this festival is celebrated as National festival. Not Only Hindus, but Muslims and Christians also celebrate this festival with keen interest. It is believed that a Hindu God came back to his kingdom on this day. The name of the Hindu God is Rama. He won a battle with Ravana who was considered very powerful and was active in sinful acts.
When Lord Rama returned back to his kingdom, he was welcomed with lights and celebrations. From that time, Indians celebrate it every year with lights and enthusiasm.

Lights and oil lamps are lighted all around the home. Colorful bulbs are lighted on the roof and terrace of the home. Sweets are distributed to all family members. At night, people worship Lord Rama and the Goddess Luxmi. Some people keep open their home’s entrance door whole night. They believe that Goddess Luxmi will visit their home and it is symbol of prosperity for them.

This festival is very special for young children in India. Crackers and other colorful things keep them in joyful time.
This festival is great learning for Indians as it gives message of truth winning over sin. Many seminars are organized by religious communities where they spread message of following truth and faith in God.

There is no doubt that this festival is like Christmas for Indians as they celebrate it with gifts and prayers.

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Krishan Kumar Krishan Kumar
Krishan Kumar is a college student in Mumbai. He stays in Mumbai and is currently studying Engineering.

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