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Haunted House-Once upon a time!

Indian haunted house

By correspondent Lubna Nadia from Patna (Bihar), India

Almost 90% out of the strange experiences in our surroundings are real until we do not believe them.
My family and I has been one of those who experienced unusual things happening in our home. This home was taken on rent long time back when I was around 6 years old.

That home was a big one like a bungalow and we were the only family who was living there on the first floor. Even the ground floor was all empty. In other ways, that house gave the impression of a haunted house also when we initially entered there.

Later on we discovered through our neighbours that it has been vacant for many years after a girl died unexpectedly and in a strange way there.
We had total five rooms over there comprised of 2 washrooms and one room upstairs.

Sometimes we used to feel as if someone came very close to us and stopped at the back. That was the moment when the whole surrounding started to heat up.
Moreover, even after properly closing the downstairs door, we used to hear someone climbing the stairs and sound was very prominent. Whenever we used to be in the washroom, we could hear a knock at the door. But after coming out when we used to ask with each other, every one among us used to deny and that was bitterly true.

We met with three dreadful and unfortunate incidents during our stay over there.
We lost our two pets, a cat and a parrot in an unbelievable, unexpected and strange way. And even my elder sister met with a life-threatening accident there. Though she was rescued but with so many scars left on her body.
Very soon after my sister’s accident took place right inside the home, we left that home.

But one year later, we got to hear through our previous neighbours that a new family has come in the same haunted home. They used to see a woman clad in veil and walking everywhere in the home. Moreover they lost one of their kids. He was found dead after falling down from upstairs.

I have read somewhere that the ghost in the house usually doesn’t want other people to live in their house.
In order to remove out the current occupants, they do unusual things like making strange noises, changing the temperature or displaying themselves as frightening apparitions.

People who have ever lived in haunted houses have been caught saying that they felt someone’s presence in their room and variation in the temperature.

Lubna Nadia Lubna Nadia
Lubna Nadia is from Patna, India. She is a student. She spends lot of time learning different languages and is very hard working.

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