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Independence Celebration along with “Dependent ones: Orphans”

It was Independence Day and new holiday for me. I missed last Sunday as I had to do attend office.

Most importantly, I missed my every Sunday’s charity work also.

But this holiday brought me opportunity to celebrate Independence Day with orphans. As I checked my laptop, I found a message sent by one client for some professional work. I decided to ignore it as I did not want to miss this day with orphans. Being unmarried, I cooked my breakfast and went to my destination.

I bought some sweets and new cloths for orphans who beg on streets.  As I reached there, I found flags in their hands.  In this city, nobody cares them. Then big question was that who gave them flags.

As I reached closer to them, I found that it was not National flag. It was flag of a political party which they are holding. They took these flags from nearby points where these were set by party for advertisement and publicity.

I gave them sweets and new cloths. They were very happy. One of orphans asked me meaning of “Independence” word. I could understand their situation as they were always ignored and never went to any school.

I answered them “Independence is freedom…when you have got all your rights and freely growing”.

He asked me another question, “What is RIGHT”.

It was another question which I could answer easily to anyone. But I could reply its answer to that orphan. I could not tell him the truth that they have been completely ignored by government for their rights. I could not tell them government never cares even if you remain hungry for many days.

They have got no benefit of Independent India. They are still dependent and needs their chance to prove themselves.

I hugged that orphan and told him “Right means your own thing… like you have right on me”.  I spent 2 hours with them and returned back to home. It was really another motivational day for my everlasting mission of helping orphans. It encouraged me to work non-stop through part-time jobs and provide them their “Right”.

Independence Day gave me inspiration to start another ‘Fight for freedom’ but this time it is not against British. It is for orphan’s right with own efforts and dedication.


Deepak Garg Deepak Garg
Deepak Garg lives in New Delhi, India and as well as working in an office, he spends time doing charity work when he can, donating both time and money to the cause.

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