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Love story


By Correspondent Maja Nowak from Poland.

All of us had our heart broken at least once in our life. I will never forget when mine was broken for the first time.

I met Simón while he stayed in Poland on Erasmus exchange program. He was a handsome Spanish boy who immediately caught my attention. As they say, it was a love at first sight.

Simón was three years older than me, actually finishing his studies when I was just in sophomore class. I was young and quite vulnerable to the irresistible Spanish charm. Simón was a very nice guy. The kind of guy who would open the door for you, bring you flowers without any occasion, or give you his coat whenever you felt cold. Basically, I was head over heels about him.

During four months of his stay we spent almost every day together. I showed him around Poland. He was enchanted with the diversity of Polish landscapes; fascinated by the Polish cuisine so different from Spanish. And I was falling more and more in love.

We’d never talked about the future. It had never crossed my mind to do so. For me it was obvious that it was something more than just a brief romance. Two weeks before the end of the exchange program I asked how he sees our relationship. I don’t believe I felt more hurt in my entire life then when he told me what he thought. Simón had plans in his hometown in Spain and had never even considered staying in Poland. He didn’t offer me to go with him even though I asked.

At the time I felt betrayed, abandoned. I felt as if all of it had been just a meaningless acquaintance on his side. It took me over two months to fully recover. I was convinced that life had no meaning without Simón. Fortunately, time has a great ability to heal even biggest wounds and after a while I started looking at the whole situation from a different perspective. I realized that I wouldn’t be able leave my family and friends just like that, that I couldn’t leave the university. And most of all I probably wouldn’t meet my current fiancé.

Maja Nowak
Maja is a 25 years old girl from Warsaw, Poland. She's working as a Finance and Administration Assistant in a pharmaceutical company. She loves to read books in her free time.

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