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Monkey gets his life back after strong electric shock!

monkey saved from electric shock

By correspondent Chetra Puti from Jakarta in Indonesia.

It was the time of summer when this incident happened. A monkey was walking over the roof of our house. Near to our house, there was a electricity pole. At that point of time, electricity distribution system was not really good one. Electric wire used to be bared and sparking was so common. Sometimes, it used to catch fire very easily but still city authorities did not wish to maintain it in good condition.

Suddenly, this monkey jumped on the top of pole and came into contact of bared wires. These wires were having strong electric charge and monkey came in contact to electric current. The monkey was badly caught by this current and he could not separate himself from wire. It seemed like electric charge kept monkey in its contact for around 10 seconds. Then monkey fell down on ground.

People gathered there and found monkey unconscious. Monkey was unable to breath and there was doubt whether it is still alive or not. We called a doctor from nearby medical care and she gave her artificial breathing. It was her first experience to treat any animal. Monkey was still unable to take his breathing back to normal rate.

All of sudden, Monkey got shaken and his breathing was back to normal. It was scared and ran away from the place of incidence.

It was really magical how monkey got his breathing back to normal rate. Everyone thanked God and that lady doctor. It was first ever experience for this lady doctor to treat any animal and she showed real spirit of doctor “To never say NO to any patient”.

Chetra Puti Chetra Puti
Chetra Puti is from Jakarta in Indonesia. She is Indonesian girl who study in a college. Currently, she is working part-time along with her college.

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