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My Mysterious First Love

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By Correspondent Denisa Gombos in Zalau, Romania.

I believe people fall in love many times during their life. Love is a profound feeling that comes along with the right person. Though, people change. They evolve in time and they are unforeseeable so that their needs change. Every period of life has its beauty and its own special persons. Once you fell in love, a small particle of your heart remains forever in love with that person. No matter how right would seem the next lovers that come into your life.

My love life have had its own downfalls and benefits, I experienced happiness and sadness, excitement and nostalgia. I remember my first love and I will never forget him. We were two strangers that had the courage to get to know one another better. It was his smile that attracted me the most! His words of wisdom and the attention he gave me were priceless at that time. We were helped by the 21st century’s technology, but I would have never imagined that the Internet can bring so much happiness in someone’s life. I never thought it would work, but being ambitious and curious, I decided to let go of my shyness and get deeper into the unknown.

My great surprise was that only after two weeks of talking, it seemed like we have known each other for a lifetime. Everything felt so normal and right between us, so I decided to attach more to that relationship. He was already acting like we were together and as I was his one and only. At the beginning of our relationship, we were the same. The same two shy people who were learning how to love each other. It felt right. I was happy and excited. I knew there were better things to come for me along with my new special boyfriend.

The moment you fall in love, you feel it. Your stomach gives you stomachaches, you cannot pay attention to anything else but checking if you have a message from him/her, all you can think of is the moment that you will see him again. Every simple word seems big and important to you, and you feel obliged to show what is best in you, in order to not disappoint. You may even transform yourself into a totally different person, just to make a good impression and to be sure that the other one would not leave you. After a while, if love is worth it, you begin to reveal the real you and the bond gets stronger and stronger in time. You are special in your own way and if you get the chance to be different, do not change that.

Love is a tricky feeling that gets you up to the sky and then throws you back to the ground when you expect the least. It is the most complex and great feeling in the whole world. Everyone needs to experience that, in order to be happy and enjoy life as it is meant to be.

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Denisa Gombos Denisa Gombos
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