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Mysteries behind the walls of City Hall

City Hall mystery

By correspondent Sharon Mae R. Calingasan in The Philippines.

I live in one of the cities in the province of Davao del Norte, in the island of Mindanao. Our place is bustling with activity especially in the city proper and people go about with their own business each day. Religion is a very important aspect and the population is predominantly Catholic with other denominations like The Latter Day Saints, Baptist Church and Iglesia Ni Cristo as well as Islam.

I intend to emphasize this fact because what I would like to share has something to do with religious beliefs and traditions. I am a Catholic and for us we believe that a person not only has a physical body but a spirit as well. That when a person dies, his spirit will leave his physical body and move on to another dimension and that based on his life on earth he will be judged if he will move on to either Heaven or Hell. But what about spirits or souls who have not moved on? Souls who still lurk the shadows, souls who refuse to move on to another dimension for reasons that we may or may never know.

The photo is a picture of our city hall built around the year 2005-2006 and which became operational by 2007. It is located in an area just few meters away from the national highway although the surrounding area is quite remote and it is quite far from the city proper. The building may be new and the fixtures may be modern but it has mysteries within that many find so surprising.

The city hall employees were very excited when they transferred to the new city hall that particular day in 2007 because the old city hall where they worked before was already dilapidated. They were all gathered in the main Legislative Office for the blessing ceremony which was officiated by the parish priest. I was not in attendance during that certain event but a cousin of mine, a long time city hall employee is present. While they were gathered for prayers and the priest started to bless the adjacent offices with holy water a strange thing happened. My cousin Melissa saw an apparition: a white lady, floating in mid-air, moving away from the place where the priest was and going towards the window, disappearing between the wall! She can’t believe what she saw but she dismissed it as only a part of her imagination. What she didn’t know was, at least 2 or more of her co-employees have also seen the apparition, not only on that day but on the proceeding days as well. It was not always a white lady, someone saw an elderly man sitting near the Xerox machine and moving towards the wall while another employee saw a white figure just near the men’s restroom. These are just some of the strange sightings that left the employees and city officials bewildered.

Who are these ghosts? Why are they lurking around the city hall? The apparitions seem to send a message for everyone so some employees decided to ask the whereabouts and history of the land where the city hall is now located and what they learned was an eye-opener, to say the least. Few years back a house once stood on the very site of the city hall, occupied by a family but tragedy happened because the whole family was massacred, hacked to their deaths.

Many things are simply unexplainable in this world. The bloody ending of the family could have been the reason for all those displaced souls, who cannot move beyond, who seem to just wander around. While the ghosts may seem harmless at all their very presence seems to send out an alarming message as well. Because of the strange presence of ghosts in the city hall the employees regularly hold holy mass and everyone enjoined to offer prayers for the displaced souls who can still be felt, up to this day….

Sharon Mae R. Calingasan
Sharon Mae R. Calingasan is from Philippines and mother to 2 sons. She likes writing and describes herself as simple person who loves music and loves to sing!

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