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Nepal Country’s Hindu and Buddhism religion makes it Holy place!

Nepal Temple Image

By correspondent Amrit Lal in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nepal is situated in South Asia and a small country. This country is famous for its festivals. It has been considered as Holy place as per religious belief.

Nepal is country where most of people are Hindu and Buddhism religion. Both these communities contribute to around 82 percent of total population in Nepal country.

Nepal is the country where Buddha took birth. Buddha was born in a rural place called Lumbini. This place is very famous as per Buddhism religious belief. Most of people from Nepal visit this place once in a year. This place has been called as origin of Buddhism across worldwide and holy place of people of this country.

Hindu religious community is another major part of its total population. Kathmandu which is capital of Nepal, is also quite famous as holy place. There is a temple called Pashupatinath temple at this place. This temple is famous as Lord Shiva’s temple. Lord Shiva is god of Hindu religious community.

Dashain, Budda Jayanti and Maha Shiv Ratri are the famous religious festivals in this country.

Hence, there are many temples in this country and people do worshiping. These religious communities have set such an environment that it reflects this country as holy place. Tradition and food of Hindu and Buddhism communities is almost similar. Usually, both groups eat vegetarian food.

Another similarity is related to chanting and at temples. Both communities do these religious activities in temples.

Hence, Nepal is also famous as country of temples. That is also only reason why Nepal country has been called as holy and religious place.

Amrit Lal Amrit Lal
Amrit Lal is an old man of 65 years old who has retired from teaching profession. Now, He is writer and lives in Kathmandu which is situated in Nepal

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