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Novitiation ceremony in Myanmar – Shinbyu!


By correspondent Kim Joe from Chin State in Myanmar

This is about a Novitiation ceremony in Myanmar country. Novitiation ceremony is generally celebrated in school holidays. Generally April month is full of holidays in schools. In this country, there is a tradition that young boys are made to become a Buddhist for a week and it is mandatory work for them.

It is mandatory tradition in Myanmar in which young boys are treated as Monk. During this time, they generally take residence at a monastery. It is treated as matter of good future for the boy.

On a very first day, there is event called Parade ceremony. During this time, they dressed very well like prince. Along with it, piercing of ears is also part of their tradition. Most importantly, their head is shaved.

This event is organized with the addition of funny dance and cars showcasing different scenes. Then they visit “Pagoda” which is their religious place and pay homage. Then Golden Umbrella is part of tradition which is kept along with newly monks.

This ceremony is treated as blessing for every boy and parents. It is said that ceremony keeps them away from evil.

Thus, this mandatory ceremony in Myanmar keeps boys in religious views and good deeds from early stage of life. Thus, this ceremony has got a very important role over there for the better and disciplined future of student.

Kim Joe Kim Joe
Kim Joe is from Chin State in Myanmar. She is school teacher and like to do new things in her life.

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