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Orphan Story: “Tika”

By Correspondent Deepak Garg in India

Like other orphans I meet during charity work, I met Tika also same way.

He caught my attention because of his work. When I was going outside for charity work, I saw him in a street. It was a restaurant’s backside area. Restaurant servants used to throw all plastic wastage at this area. Tika was collecting plastic from there. These plastics were used for serving water in restaurant.

When this plastic was being thrown down, some water used to come out of it.

But Tika was collecting all irrespective of caring being wet.


When I asked Tika about his past, he told me that he has never seen his parents. He could not remember his past. However, he explained that he has been begging since when he remember his own past.

He told me about a dreadful incident which happened when he went at one of place while begging.

A shopkeeper beat him with iron rod when he picked an apple from his shop. Shopkeeper assumed him as thief whereas he was too hungry to eat it. He was admitted to hospital and thereafter he decided never to beg in life. He could not get any low job as he Indian government do not allow child labor. However, he could find solution of it by collecting plastic material. He collects plastic stuff from roads & streets and sells them to nearby shop.

This way, he is capable to eat food daily. But for him education is big dream which he think as impossible. His efforts and survival story inspired me a lot. I wish I can be capable to provide him economical support for his education and everything.

Deepak Garg Deepak Garg
Deepak Garg works tirelessly to help orphaned children in India. As well as working in an office, Deepak spends time writing and doing charity work when he can, donating as much time and money the children as he can.

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