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Paphos a city bathed in history


By Correspondent Rosie Makri in Paphos, Cyprus.

A small island like country of Cyprus has a vast variety of historical places to visit, especially my very own home town of Paphos.

In the beautiful city of Paphos there are a lot of mosaics which are located in the Paphos harbour such as the house of Dionyssos, god of wine, the house of Theseus, the legendary hero who killed the Minotaur beast, the house of Aion, the name was given by a mythological god figure that is seen on one of its mosaics, the house of Orpheus, god of slumber, and the house of the four seasons. These mosaics hold a great deal of mythology. These beautiful roman mosaics are wonderful to see.

Another place worth seeing at the Paphos harbour is Paphos castle, a Byzantine fort built for the protection of the harbour. The view from the top of the castle’s platform is stunning and it enables you to see Kato Paphos in all its glory. To top things off next to the castle there’s a semicircular amphitheater that allows you to experience the most magical and romantic sunset a couple on vacation could ever hope to see. As for the main resort strip of Kato Paphos it consists of a variety of restaurants, souvenir kiosks, banks, and travel agents. That pattern repeats itself all along the main strip’s shoreline boulevard.

But that is not all Paphos has to offer. The mystical Aphrodite’s baths are also a must see. Aphrodite’s baths are a beautiful natural grotto that is surrounded by rich vegetation and aging fig trees. According to local legends it was here where the Goddess Aphrodite bathed and met her lover Adonis.

Other than the beautiful mythological sites, Paphos also has many fine Orthodox churches as well as monasteries, where people can go and feel the peace and tranquility those places offer. This strong spiritual energy brings people closer to nature and God.

For those of you who just want to have fun, Paphos has some of the most beautiful beaches, like coral bay where you can enjoy yourself in the sun and try some of the best extreme water sports in town or enjoy a relaxing day at the magical beach of blue lagoon whose clear water will amaze you as much as the exquisite display of the turtles of Cyprus, Kareta-Kareta. Near the blue lagoon is located a camp site for the adventurous types who like to camp out in the woods and explore our country’s nature next to a nice bonfire.

So come one come all, don’t waste time cuz’ the friendly town of Paphos is waiting for you!!!

Rosie Makri Rosie Makri
My name is Rosie Makri and i am 19 years old. I leave in Cyprus-Paphos and i write this article about the wonderful places my home town has to offer to tourists.

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