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The truth behind a broken country – Romania

Andreea from Arad, Romania

My name is Andreea and I will introduce you to Romania . I was born in Arad , Romania , 17 years ago . Back then , living here was difficult (not that now it changed ). It’s been just a few years since the communism revolution and people were scared .  They were scared that freedom is just temporary . The truth is that what they thought to be freedom , wasn’t . It still isn’t . And those people have to carry with them the scars .

The sad part of the story is that not only people remained with the scars but also the country itself . We had such beautiful architecture , places to visit . Everything is gone . The ugly truth is that the country couldn’t evolve under the communism domination . Moreover , we now have to face an economical crisis that destroys us .

Trying to talk about positive things , in my opinion , Romania is one of the most beautiful countries in the world . I’ve never heard of  a country that has so many natural beauties as Romania . We have the Black Sea , we have many beautiful mountains , the Danube River and its Delta . There are so many tourist attractions such as Transfăgărăşan , the Bran Castle and so on .

Picture 056The difference between Romania and other countries is that people in other countries are proud of their country . Romanians aren’t . And on one hand , I understand them . Their nationality never gave them anything but pain . People from every other country considers Romania to be a country where people steal , murder , live in tents , but Romania is nothing like that ! Romania is considered to be a country of gypsies . There are Romanian gypsies everywhere in the world but that’s not because we are a country of gypsies , it’s because they are the only people in Romania that can actually afford going abroad .

As I am a lucky girl , I had the opportunity to go abroad a few times . When people asked me where do I come from and I told them Romania , they tried to get away from me . I’m tired of not being able to have a conversation with someone without that person being scared that I would rob him , or even worse , kill him . I’m tired of being laughed at because I can’t afford the things that people from other countries can easily .

In my perspective , Romania doesn’t have a bright future . The educational system is the worst that could possibly be , not to mention the fact that this year 48% of the students didn’t pass the Baccalaureate . As I am a student , I can honestly say that it’s not their fault . Teachers have such a low salary that they don’t even care to teach us . They won’t even make an effort . Besides the educational system , there’s the problem with the money . I know that every country has to deal with it , but in Romania , only rent is 90% of a salary . And believe me , utilities are also just as expensive . How are we supposed to make a living when we are allowed to work only after the age of 18 ? There are people who , after they retire , get a pension of 30 lei , which in U.S dollars would be around 10 dollars . How are those people supposed to live ?

When I think about future I see myself somewhere abroad .  It breaks my heart to leave my country but the truth is that there’s no future for me here .

Andreea Andreea
Andreea is from Arad, Romania.

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