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To be a great woman in today’s world

guest blogger Tanja

By our Guest Blogger Tanja from www.everydayinadress.com 

As a woman I was born 27 yeas ago in city called Zenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Although, we can only be born as male of female, the outcome puts us into two entirely different frames in this world.

I do not want to speak about women in my country, or about famous women, because in my short life for seven years I have been living as a wife of professional sports player and I had a chance to meet people from all around the world. It must be said that the greatest women are not famous, and it doesn’t matter if they come from pour or rich country. The greatest women live their lives as they want in frames of society they are caught in.

Trough the history we can see repeatedly female gender being under a great pressure to live their lives like it should be lived within the rules of society. And there were life-threatening punishments if it wasn’t done so.

In todays world we wont burn on a stake, but if we push the limits a bit too far, it will be judged. It wont be well accepted as well as men expanding the boundaries. Do you understand what I mean?

For you to understand my words better I will give you a glimpse into my life:

I live a nice life. Following my husband around the world, while he plays basketball and provides enough for us, is interesting and fun. We love each other and because of our love I have decided to follow him instead of going to university. I have never regretted my decision, but also I have not been able to accomplish myself professionally. At one point in my life I have decided it is time to do something just for myself. And since I love dresses very much I wanted to open a store and sell all kinds of dresses. Sound easy, doesn’t it? Well, yes, if I was a guy, which I am not. I am raised as a woman, and as a woman I am supposed to be with my husband, support him. The truth is that no one told me not to do it. But also nobody supported me, except for my husband, who is the one I would be leaving alone.

You see, it was a big fight inside of me. A fight between accomplishing myself entirely and at the same time going against something that is part of my being just because I am born and raised as a woman. However I decide I would go against my self.

On the end, I decided not to go against myself, but to do for my behalf. I stayed with my husband, and ever since, for more than a year now, I wear a dress. I wear a dress every day, everywhere, all the time. A little thing I do just for myself every day. In meanwhile I took some sewing classes and now I am wearing my own dresses. I am making my first collection and very soon I will put it out on facebook. One day, I am hoping to have my own store, selling my own dresses.

What makes a woman great in today’s world is her own felling of accomplishment, achieving her own greatness while balancing between her own wishes, family and friends within the rules that are rooted into her beautiful appearance. Fairer sex is born to be great because greatness is that she needs to be satisfied.

Tanja Tanja
My name is Tanja, and I am a girl that wears a dress every day. You can find my story at: everydayinadress.com.

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