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Top 10 Places to Visit in Romania

A beautiful place in Romania

By Correspondent Georgiana Drauceanu in Arad, Romania.

Internationally, Romania is not a very appreciated country because of the way its people are seen and all the bad things that they are believed to do throughout the world. But if you leave those things aside and you look only upon the country itself, you will be amazed to discover all the wonderful places that it preserves.

We have many great cities full of historical knowledge and buildings that will take your breath away. If you are interested in visiting this kind of city, you can go to see Sibiu, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Sighisoara, Suceava, Constanta, and so many others. But if you are more inclined to nature or myths and legends you will be more attracted to the 10 places that I will present to you.

10. Merry Cemetery (Cimitirul Vesel)
Merry Cemetery is one of the most unusual places to visit in Romania. It is situated in Sapanta and it is a place where the eternal rest is looked upon in a different manner, which is a joy because the soul is passing into another dimension. The paintings on the gravestones and in the cemetery illustrate moments from the life of the person that passed on into another dimension.

Merry Cemetery in Romania

Painted tombstones

9. Bran Castle
30 km from Brasov is located one of the most visited places in Romania, Bran Castle, which is well known abroad through its many  legends about Count Dracula.

8. Bucovina’s Monasteries
The impressive number of monasteries in Bucovina, with interesting interior and exterior frescos, have been preserved since medieval times. Because of their uniqueness and artistic value, they were added to UNESCO’s International Cultural Legacies List in 1993.

Voronet Monastery

Voronet Monastery, Bucovina

Indeed, there is no other place on earth with a group of monasteries like this, with such  high quality exterior frescos.

Monasteries you could visit in Bucovina are Arbore Church, Humor Monastery, Moldovita Monastery, Patrauti Church, Probota Monastery, Metropolitan Cathedral, Sucevita Monastery, Voronet Monastery, Dragomirna Monastery and Putna Monastery.

7. Peles Castle
Peles Castle has 170 rooms, from which only 10 are accessible to tourists and it accommodates several valuable collections of paintings, sculptures, armor, carpets, furniture, upholstery, statues, pottery, gold, silver, porcelain dishes, and stained glass.

6. Bicaz Canyon
Linking Transylvania and Moldova, Bicaz Canyon is the border between these regions of Romania. It is a beauty of nature, the picturesque region attracting annually a lot of tourists. This zone is situated on a 6 km surface, between the Red Lake and the Ardelean Bicaz.

5. Palace of the Parliament
This building occupies second place in the world in size, after the Pentagon, and is entered 3 times in the Guinness Book of Records. The Palace of Parliament is the heaviest building in the world, the most expensive administrative building in the world, and the largest administrative building used in civil interest.

Salina Turda

Salina Turda salt mine

4. Salina Turda

In the city of Turda, Transylvania there exists a salt layer approximately 400 m thick, from which originates the old salt mine of Salina Turda. The mine has existed for over 13 million years and the layer of salt has an average thickness of 250 m. Salina is a historical monument of Cluj county,  and is appreciated all over Romania, and is considered the most beautiful underground place in the world.


3. Danube Delta
Another wonder of nature that attracts a very large number of tourists annually is the Danube delta. Known for its unique landscapes, majestic flora and fauna, the Danube delta is the perfect location for a vacation filled with  nature, far from all the agitation of city life.

2. Danube Boilers
The Danube Boilers are an important tourist attraction in the Iron Gates Natural Park and they represent part of the Danube Gorge, where the river passes through the Carpathian Mountains.

One of the most attractive and admired points on the Danube Boilers’ route is the “Face of Decebal”, sculpted in rock. Twelve sculptors worked on what was to be the biggest rock sculpture in Europe, 55 meters high and 25 meters wide.

Decebal rock

Face of Decebal



1. Transfagarasan
The Transfagarasan is a road through the Fagaras Mountains which starts from Brasov in Arges county and ends near Cartisoara, Sibiu county.

With a length of about 152 km, part of DN7 C, the road links the two historical provinces Muntenia and Transylvania. It is one of the most famous roads in the world,  though it is only the second highest in Romania.

So there you have it, my “top 10 places to visit in Romania”. Although, I must say that this is only my opinion and that there are a lot more places like this that you should see in my country if you have the time.

Georgiana Drauceanu Georgiana Drauceanu
My name is Georgiana and I’m seventeen years old. I live in the west of the country in a city called Arad. There’s not a lot to be said about me. I’m a simple person and I like to help other people. I have been doing volunteer work for 2 years now, with the National Organization of Romanian Scouts and recently I started volunteering at an orphanage.

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