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A Visit to an Amazing ‘Golden Temple’ in Amritsar!

Golden Temple Amritsar

By correspondent James from Moscow in Russia.

This is about a unique place called Golden Temple in Amritsar. This place is situated in Punjab state of India. The Golden Temple is very famous in this localized area. As the name suggests, that temple is made of Gold. Actually it has got shading of real Gold and has got amazing appearance.

Being Golden Temple, it has already got many tourists eager to see it.

But this temple is famous in India for religious reason also. It is said that Sikh community in India treat this temple as their sacred place and perform many of there religious activities over here.

When We visited this temple, we found that it was not allowed to enter inside temple with shoes. Also, It was equally important to keep feet and hands clean before visiting inside of the temple. Hence, this temple has got few rules which are made with religious history.

Sikh Community also organizes free lunch for everybody who visit this temple. This is part of their religious faith.

This temple is very beautiful and it is surrounded by a lake. Overall, it provides this temple a unique beauty and its golden exterior is more fascinating. People love to admire its beauty in lights at nighttime.

This temple is slowly being represented as one of important place for tourism. This place was earlier more famous as religious temple. But it has also getting more famous due to wonder of being made of Golden plating.

James Vadra James Vadra
James Vadra is from Moscow in Russia. He is a teacher and likes to visit many countries.

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