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Being a woman in Romania

Scout girls in Romania

By Georgiana Drauceanu in Arad, Romania.

Usually, it is said that any woman is very difficult to analyze. There are entire books written on this subject and still, nothing is certain.
A woman doesn’t necessarily need to have a “purpose”, a “role” in nowadays society. Years ago, when the sole purpose of women was to have a family and tend to it we didn’t have any saying in the matter, but now, we can chose our own path in life.

If I were to compare today’s women with the ones from the past, I could say that things have clearly changed. Back then women didn’t have the need to know much, or to do much. They were content with the little they knew or even if they wanted more, they weren’t allowed. As years went by, the world started to evolve and so did Romania. Our women became more aware of what was happening outside our borders and decided to be more independent. This transformation didn’t happen all at once, but slowly, over the years, Rumanian women evolved to successful and independent businesswomen.

In my country, only about half of the female population works. Therefore, not every woman wants to be just a housewife. Some of us make a career for ourselves, but we are still far behind on this area, in comparison with others Western countries. I strongly believe that making a life for yourself and being able to pay your own bills means something nowadays in almost any part of the world and that every woman should try to reach this level.

Finally, I would like to tell you something about Smaranda Braescu. She was born on 21th May 1897 and died on 2nd February 1948. She was the first woman parachutist from Romania and also between the first woman parachutist of the world. Smaranda performed in 1931, a 6.000-meteers-jump with which she broke the female world record, and in 1932, with the 7.233-meteers-jump, she broke the world record held by an American.

And she is not the only famous Romanian woman. There is also Florica Bagdasar, physician, researcher in child psychiatry, the first woman minister of Romania, Aurora Gruescu, the first woman forester engineer and the first Rumanian woman to enter Guinness, Ella Negruzzi, the first Rumanian lawyer woman and so many others.

So you see, even as a woman, even if you are from Romania or a country similar to it, you can still succeed in life, no matter the odds.

Georgiana Drauceanu Georgiana Drauceanu
My name is Georgiana and I’m seventeen years old. I live in the west of the country in a city called Arad. There’s not a lot to be said about me. I’m a simple person and I like to help other people. I have been doing volunteer work for 2 years now, with the National Organization of Romanian Scouts and recently I started volunteering at an orphanage.

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