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Child Education in poorest slum area of Mumbai!

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By correspondent Anil from Mumbai in India.

Future of any country depends upon their youth. Children and youth are the builder and shaper of a nation. If we want our youth to be more dominating towards nation than we have to concentrate on children. Proper education, awareness and guidance of children is must for the development their own, family and their nation.

But same fact is being ignored in poor regions of India. This is about slums in Mumbai. Instead of being educated, small children are being forced to work and earn. Child labor is very common in this area.

Mainly, it is the responsibility of the family to give required direction to the child. Their ability and talent can be best used by giving them good guidance.

But children are being forced to work due to poverty. Parents are not really concerned about importance of education because they feel poverty as biggest challenge.

In Mumbai’s slum area, more than 80 % children have never gone to school. Out of these, around 98 % girls never went to primary school. In India, there is very bad situation as far girl education is concerned.

Along with education, good atmosphere is needed to make them good human as well. But such kind of poverty and hunger for money makes them involved in illegal activities. There are many organizations which are trying to educate young children. But their efforts are not solving the complete purpose.

There are numberless children who are waiting for their turn but every child is not lucky to get helped by these NGOs.

Anil Anil
Anil is resident of Mumbai City and he is a fashion designer. He has just got his job and he likes travelling different places.

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