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Chinese Lion Dance: Religious and Entertaining Dance!

Chinese religious Lion dance

By correspondent Lu Mai from Shanghai,China.

Chinese Lion dance is very famous religious dance in China Country. This Chinese lion dance is symbol of bringing wellness and prosperity in life. This dance is mostly performed mostly in opening ceremonies. There is religious belief in China that evil spirits keep away from it.
This religious dance is called as symbol of bringing bright future and fortune. Dance is mostly performed as per religious Chinese tradition. Two men wear costume of lions as a single unit and they perform dance as a lion.

Costumes of the lion is very nice and attractive. These lions troupe take turns around the main/key part of the building where new ceremony is started. These lions keep dancing and visit all rooms/places of the building/place where ceremony takes place.
This religious lion dance is very entertaining as well. When this dance is performed in any sports event then it attracts all audience. The most attractive part of it is when lion dance troupe performs dance on a pole. The dance is so attractive that it becomes completely eye-catching when lion troupe jumps on a single pole. Their jumping moments along with amazingly blinking eyes pattern looks very attractive and so nicely performed.

This religious lion dance is also performed in wedding ceremonies where it becomes equally entertaining as well. Colorful costumed lion troupe make funny moves with guests as well wedding couple.

Lastly, this dance is very famous as it has been treated as “Blessing Dance” as per Chinese religious brief. Now onward, this dance has become quite popular in other countries as well like Singapore, Canada,etc where this dance is performed for entertainment purpose as well.

Lu Mai
Lu Mai is a singer in local Chinese events. He has been doing work of event management in Shanghai which is located in China.

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