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Indian Independence Day in Bangalore


As 15th August was public holiday, I decided to have a visit to nearby stadium where it was to be celebrated.  The stadium was very well decorated and was looking very colorful. District Minister was special guest. He along with his staff came in such a dress which was denoting color of Indian flag.

It was very nice to see such spirit in a political leader. He along with soldiers went to Indian flag and unfurled it. Then, it was time of cultural events.  In a demo sight, it was seen that Indian Hindu and Islamic religious community are going each other’s religious places and showing a perfect synergy among them.

As our location was southern part of India, it was also sighted that Karnataka state is leading in education in India. It was feeling of proud for our state.

Now, it was time for minister’s speech. His speech was very motivational for youth.

After his speech, there was one show which was shown with the help of lights and black screen. It showed how human started their life from forests to big cities. How lifestyle changed but values and patriotism never changes. This beautiful event showcased message why Indians never change their thoughts and always deliver message of mutual help.

indp11At the end, celebration day finished with sweets. Minister himself distributed sweets among children and hugged them. Children also promised minister to take care of nation in their future time.

This scene was like elder giving responsibilities to juniors for a big task. It reflected Indian culture of providing good values and thoughts to future generations.


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