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Indian Punjabi Language: Language of Love and Humor

Varan Gyan Ratnavali, or Bhai Gurdas Ji Varan by Bhai Gurdas (1551 - 1636).

By Correspondent Rajiv in Delhi, India.

India is a country where many regional languages are spoken. Punjabi language is third highest speaking language in India. Not only in India, this language is getting popular wherever the Sikh religious community is residing. Sikh people are considered as most humorous and creative people in India.

Usually, Sikh people believe in doing creative things and recognized as intelligent people. That is only reason that their state (Punjab) is most developed state in India. Sikh people contribute third largest community in Canada.

Interesting part of their religious community is their language. Sikh people speak Punjabi language and their way of speaking is always humorous. Whenever they speak in their language, they never miss sense of humor and always friendly. Sometimes this language is treated as “Language of love in India”. They generally use slangs like “ki haal” and others which represent such greeting showing care. Most of Sikh people are very kind and a surprising part of Sikh community is that this religious community is famous for being very friendly with strangers. Whenever people travel to their places, they treat them with most polite way. This politeness comes from their language and slangs used in it.

Punjabi language has been very popular in India as far movie songs are concerned. This regional language in Indian country has been getting quite popular with its unique ways.

This language has put religious Sikh community at extreme respect. Humor sense and sweetness of this language has been a key attractive point.

Rajiv is an Indian student in Delhi who is studying law related education. Rajiv belongs to nearby location to Punjab. Currently, he is permanently shifted to Delhi.

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