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New Year celebration in Macedonia

New Years Eve in Macedonia

By Correspondent Tamara Georgieva in Skopje, Macedonia.

In Macedonia the whole month of December are Christmas and New Years lights all alongside the roads and celebration music coming out of every local that you walk by.
Everyone’s talking about New Year celebrations, how the past year has treated them or how they expect the upcoming to be. Some people have had a hard year and are looking forward to the new one for a fresh start and some don’t want the past year to finish because of such excellence. Individually everyone has strived for their brighter future.

In Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia, every restaurant and club have an organized night of New Year celebrations where you pay the whole price for the night and have a reservation for you and your friends and relatives. The majority of people in Macedonia will be celebrating New Year at home with dinner and wine and a couple of friends and maybe go out to the center of the city to enjoy live music. Every year in the centre of the city we have a concert organized with a couple of bands playing some of their favorite songs. It’s free of charge and just about anyone can attend. They enjoy the music, a nice glass of wine and at midnight they enjoy the 20 minute firework.

Often the people of Macedonia can’t afford to get out of the country to celebrate or to go out to restaurants and clubs, where it is really expensive for our current standards. Some just want to spend the night in peace with their close ones.
One of the traditions in Macedonia is having lunch at home with your family and having a cheese pie. Before the cheese pie is put into the oven a silver coin wrapped in aluminum foil is randomly placed inside the pie. Once the pie is done and served everyone gets a piece. The person that gets the piece of pie with the coin inside is to keep the coin somewhere personal and it is said to have good luck all year.

Generally Macedonians are hard working people all year around and they impatiently wait for the New Year celebrations where they can just relax, not thinking about work and enjoy themselves.

Tamara Georgieva Tamara Georgieva
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