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Our cats from hell

The author's rescued cats

By Correspondent Vania Koutiva in Athens, Greece.

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not”.
Ernest Hemingway

Four years ago, I found a cat in the street outside my house. It was not an adult cat yet, but it was not a small kitty either, just a half year old cat, really sick and full of fleas. It is true that those days, I was looking for a cat, for my little daughter (nowadays, she is 9 years old); she adores all kind of animals and… living “things” in general, even lizards and insects!

We took the small cat to the vet -me and my daughter- and he said that I should keep my child away from the cat, for some days, as it was really sick, and it would probably die. My daughter said: “I don’t think so”, we asked him to give as all medicines for the cat, and for “the fleas”, and we took the cat in our house. To tell you the truth, the first 5 days, I don’t think that we slept at night; my daughter had her mind in her cat, and she was trying to feed it, or give it some water, every 1 or 2 hours.

Today, she has become a really huge cat, with soft and long fur, that we call “Marley”. We named her from the movie with the dog, as she is our “cat from hell”; she is big enough as a dog, and she brings everything upside down in our house, every time she tries to play.

One morning, almost 2 years ago, we started to hear a kitty meow, from the street outside our house. It was screaming for help I must say, for 3 days long. I though someone would help it, but it was kept shouting for days. I couldn’t resist… when I brought it home, I was crying. It was just a small kitty (2 weeks old), that was shaking in my hands.
We nursed it really easy, as we had a previous experience, but Marley didn’t want to see it. She never attacked, but she obviously couldn’t stand it. We called this new cat “Mikri”, means small in Greek, and right now, that I am writing this article, she is sleeping with Marley in their cat pillow. They play together, and they are “our cats from hell”, but they are member of our family, for good!!

Vania Koutiva
My name is Vania Koutiva and I am a music composer. I work as a teacher of music in an elementary school, and as a chorus conductor in the cultural center of my city, for severals years now. I have the pleasure to "use" people voices to create something beautiful, to create art, a sweet melody for our ears and our souls. Music says things that words cannot! I am married and I have a 9 years old daughter. We live in Greece, with our two cats, and our chameleon.

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